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Toothpaste is an effective cleaner that could be used not only to clean different surfaces but also to cure minor burns and even as a beauty product. If you don’t have a face scrub at the moment, you can exfoliate your nose using toothpaste and toothbrush. Also, you can exfoliate dry lips. Toothpaste is an effective tool to cure pimples.

If you have curly hair, use the next lifehack to strengthen them without damage – apply thermoreceptor and use plat iron but before using it wrap it with aluminum foil. Check out the contouring tutorials that will ease your life. Try a natural recipe of brow paint – you will need an almond and a lighter. Moreover, you can make homemade mascara from old eyeshadows and Vaseline. Use PVA as a base coat to quickly remove glitter nail polish. One more cool beauty tool you can make is a makeup remover marker. Take a bowl of water and remove a core part out of an old highlighter. Soak it in water until the color is gone. After that soak the core part in makeup remover. Return the core part to the highlighter and use it.

Every girl knows the annoying problem when you made a perfect ponytail but you find flyaways look awful and ruin the whole look. We have a useful trick for this irritating problem-use hairspray and toothbrush. Spray the hairspray once or twice on the toothbrush and carefully brush flyways back to blend in with the rest of your hair.

As a bonus, check out the collection of awkward moments every girl can relate to. We have a perfect idea of what to do on a windy day if you wear a floaty skirt. Take several coins and watch our tutorial!


00:09 Brilliant uses of toothpaste

01:37 Perfect DIY French manicure

02:31 Genius makeup tricks

10:01 Forget about flyaways

10:40 Makeup remover marker


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