10 Beautiful Old Time Bollywood Actresses

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Bollywood is dream land and the actresses are fairies over there. Directors decorate the roles and attires of their actresses with so much love and concern. Still actresses got aged and no one can escape that! But some of the actresses are there that are evergreen! You cannot ignore their beauty no matter how old they are! Here we come up with a list of 10 beautiful old time bollywood actresses.

Dimple Kapadia: She was married to yesteryear’s superstar Rajesh Khanna. She got married to Khanna at the peak of her career and her beauty was something that attracted the superstar to her! When lots of young girls were going gaga over ‘kaka’, he was in love with Dimple’s natural beauty. She is one of the top 10 Beautiful Old Time Bollywood Actresses. She is one of the most popular old time Hindi actresses.

Hema Malini: The ‘Dream Girl’ of bollywood is married to the hunk Dharmendra and this old actress has two daughters. She is not a regular actress these days, but you cannot ignore her beauty in any case! She is one of the most beautiful old bollywood actresses. She is more beautiful than any other GenY actress! The way she maintains herself is commendable!

Madhubala: Her eyes, her expressions, her smile and her beauty are even discussed today; decades after the demise of this old Indian actress. She was such a beautiful person and a strong woman. She fought a lot with her conservative family to achieve her dreams and she was a leading lady of 60’s bollywood. You cannot get this bollywood actress age from her pictures!

Madhuri Dixit: She is beautiful, she is adorable, she is a super dancer, an amazing actress and she possesses a million dollar smile! Whenever you are going to search old actress names, you will find her always. She is a whole package of beauty and even today when she got up on a stage, she enlightens the whole area with her beauty! Search the old bollywood actress names and photo segment and you will get to know more about her.

Mumtaz: She is one of the most popular old female movie stars. Her behaviour was amazing and even today her behaviour and beauty are discussed by her fans and her friends from the fraternity. She did a lot of movies and was known for her amazing acting skills. She was truly beautiful and that is seen on the screen even today! Search the old heroine photos on internet and you will get to see lots of her unseen pictures.

Rekha: Born as Bhanurekhan Ganeshan to the popular Tamil actor Gemini Ganeshan, Rekha is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to bollywood. She is one of the most popular old time actresses. Till the time bollywood will be discussed on global platform, she will be discussed along with it. She is a timeless beauty and even today when she appears on award shows, her beauty can make any young actress jealous! All heroine names will be on one side and she will be on the other side when it comes to acting.

Saira Banu: She is a timeless beauty. Old bollywood actress photos will show how beautiful she used to be! This beautiful and talented actress is married to super star Dilip Kumar. She is one of the most beautiful actresses of bollywood. You will find her on the Indian old actress name list.

Sharmila Tagore: She is one of the most beautiful creations of God and one of the most popular old movie actresses. God took a lot of time to prepare a diva like her! She was married to Nawab Pataudi; thus became the begum. She is one of the finest actresses of bollywood and mother of three talented kids among them Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan became actors.

Sridevi: when she was introduced to the screen, no one could imagine that she is going to rule the screen one day! She transformed over years and even today though she doesn’t do a lot of movies, she is a diva to many of Indians. She gave lots of hits and married to Boney Kapoor. She looks similar and way better than other older female actresses at this age! This timeless beauty is a wonderful dancer as well!

Zeenat Aman: Do you need to look very beautiful to be tagged a Diva? The answer is a big NO! Zeenat Aman is the living example of this thing! She is on the top side of the all time bollywood heroines list. She was tall and sexy and she was the one who brought this sexy and bold character in bollywood! She was a complete Diva when she was on screen and even today, she looks way more beautiful than any actress of present time. You cannot expect all actress age from their appearances!

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